A Christmas Parable, Part II

After the Christmas brush with extinction from a passing asteroid – and after a massively fast effort to translate the ‘gobbledygook’ signals from that interstellar object – it was learned that the rock, about the size of our moon, was home to intelligent beings. The called their home ‘Htray’, and had earlier broken our language code well enough to understand us and our global problems.

Their messages conveyed that they had been observing us for a long time and were curious to know more about us which is why they steered so close. In Earth time they were way ahead of us, and had experience with what we are living through. Best of all, they told us not to worry! Everything would work out.

That was a relief to everyone who heard it. But, the Htrayians didn’t tell us how, they only let us observe their world as they had constructed it.

Our challenge became to learn how they had done it, so that we might then go about benefiting from that.

One of the first things we learned was that Htray did not have a First Amendment. That seemed strange and unlikely, until it turned out that they had an interesting and much more sophisticated rule. They required full disclosure of all public information BUT put strict limits on what people could say about other people to avoid insults and aggravation, and virtually debased public rhetoric.

We also learned there was only one language for all 2 billion people on Htray.

Htrayians also had eliminated all military entirely, because they had outlawed war completely, which allowed for much more social and health benefits for everyone.

There was also no taxation on Htray. Instead everybody was required to give a minimum of ¼ of their income to government, and a maximum of ½ for people who made twice the average.

Everybody had the right to vote but if a candidate lied, he, or she, lost 1% of their votes for each lie, as decided without appeal by a committee of elders.  

Everybody got health care and the population had stabilized at about 2 billion people even as more people aged longer.

As Htray’s story emerged, more and more Earth people began to wonder how it all worked as well as Htrayians apparently believed.

The basic idea, that we all can now more clearly see, is that we earthlings are truly only one large family group of similarly afflicted souls. That is a vital start and stimulus. But it is only a start. 

Much of what Htrayians did was the reverse of what our own earthly intelligent beings thought was the best way to do things.

Scientists began to wonder what kind of beings those Htray folks really were.

At about the same time, it was discovered that Htray was actually spelled Htrae. Was there any hint there at all?

It was then that a six year old gifted girl, child of a scientist, asked why Htrae was Earth spelled backward!

Our alien saviors were, in fact, exactly like us but with an extra set of eyes in the back of their heads, simply an alternative outcome to the us we know from history and circumstance.

Time had twisted on itself to illustrate what might have been, or perhaps what still could be, if we could find a way to add those two eyes?


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