Beware Creeping Fascism

Take note of the following quote from a book with a comprehensive study of the rise of fascism since the 1930’s.

“Fascism appealed to a confused sense of manliness. The new style equated frankness, spontaneity, lack of manners, public use of insult and ridicule with honesty, sincerity and a break with bourgeois hypocrisy and conventionality. Passion was to be a substitute for reason, readiness to fight a substitute for useless sophistic arguments.”

When do you suppose that was written?—nearly 50 years ago in about 1976!

Does any of that ring a familiar bell for you at the moment?

If not, you have nothing to fear except your ignorance and the hell that follows.

If yes, you have nothing to fear but your unwillingness to speak out.

Note: Juan J. Linz “Some Notes Toward a Comparative Study of Fascism in Sociological Historical Perspective”

In Fascism: A Reader’s Guide. Edited by Walter Laqueur.  1976.  pp. 55-56. 


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