Rampaging curiosity is stirring with the news that Mueller is just about finished, that Cohen WILL testify next week and that Roger Stone has been cornered — leads one to ask what can we all expect to see before April Fool’s Day?

I have my own guesses, but I want to hear first from y’all.

None of the details will ever be revealed, but your overall views could be quite instructive and interesting and you will, of course, get the full feedback.

  1. Trump’s base will shrink by at least 1/3 effectively likely ending his reelection ambitions.
  2. The House will get his tax returns and financials which may insure that he will get some jail time like his buddies.
  3. The Republican Senate leadership will fairly quickly abandon Trump for fear that he will take them down too.
  4. The House will likely move toward an Impeachment indictment. Despite all, the 2/3 vote in the Senate to vote to convict impeachment may be beyond reach.
  5. Despite that, a criminal indictment of Trump is likely, though it is unlikely that he would be tried until his Presidency ends.
  6. A sane person in his position would use what little remaining leverage he might have to negotiate with the Congress a peaceful ending NOT in jail.

I know a lot of you do not agree with me about Trump and I hope that we all learn more from what the group as a whole thinks???

**For example, your response could be “Agree (or Disagree) to X, Y, & Z” OR if you prefer to remain invisible, respond with “3 Agrees/2 Disagrees” (or, obviously, any other combination that suits your views).


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