The other day when the Mueller report was expected shortly, and the Trump era looked possibly to becoming a thing of the past, I asked my wife of 69 years what we would do between 5-7 pm daily when for the past two years we had sat together mesmerized by CNN to learn the latest horror stories.

She said what we used to do. But, neither of us could remember what that was?

It was then that I recalled a French story about a married man who for years had a lady friend he visited quite regularly on weekdays between 5-7 pm on the way home from his office. Suddenly his wife up and died and the lady friend suggested that perhaps it was time for them to marry.

He said without hesitation, “Impossible, what would I do between 5-7?”

These dilemmas seem related except for the difference that the Frenchman apparently looked forward to and enjoyed his 5-7 time.

If only? Only if?


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