A Note on the Most Recent Candidate for President – Seth Moulton

This will be brief – we already, probably, have too many candidates.

This young (40) man came to my attention some 6 years ago when he first was running in the Democratic primary in the Salem, Mass 6th District against a 6 term House of Representatives incumbent. He is a school friend of my grandson-in-law who asked me to meet him. He surprised everyone I know in Mass when he won the primary.  Then he won the General election for that Congressional seat. He is clearly already a proven vote getter AGAINST heavy odds.

He is smart (but it doesn’t get in his way). He is a moderate on divisive social issues. He is a natural leader and manager and the core of his candidacy is that he knows how to make things happen and get things done.

There are already some in the field who have some of those special features. He is the only one in my opinion who has them all.

I hope you will take a moment and go to this link and take a peek at him. I think he has the look and feel of a President we would all be proud of. I will NOT solicit your support beyond this heads up. But I would love to hear your thoughts. Yes, this may be too early for him in some minds, but this surely is an important moment for him to put his hat in the ring.

Best regards,



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