Voting Rights & Responsibilities

At the very root of democracy is VOTING. Why, therefore, do we tolerate the incredible fact that only about one half of Americans vote regularly?

In addition, Republican politicians at the state and federal levels are actively striving to make it difficult, for many minority groups to exercise this core constitutional right.

It is true that in many places – like most of New York and California — one vote really does not matter because both those States are so overwhelming one sided that, regardless of your side, your vote lacks the import of those cast by voters in more competitive states.

Our Constitution requires an Electoral College to elect our President, which probably does not make sense in the modern world, but as a practical matter can only be eliminated by a Constitutional Amendment – a virtual impossibility in today’s political environment.

Still, if anything like 80 percent of eligible citizens voted, the possibility that a candidate could win the electoral college WITHOUT a majority of the popular vote would likely approach zero.

Therefore, if I were a candidate for President today, I would promise to incentivize every citizen to vote in every federal elections by (a) making election day a federal holiday; and (b) giving every person who casts a ballot a federal tax credit of $100.  

Such a proposal would likely enjoy wide popular support, being both simple and right. It could even spur increased voter turnout in the 2020 election [before taking effect] —which would also increase the likelihood that Congress would achieve that goal in 2021.

That one simple change would side step the obstacles of a Constitutional Amendment, most likely secure a Democratic Presidential victory in 2020, and at the same time RESTORE DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA.

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