The Core Of The Democratic Party


The 20 odd current candidates range from the far left—Sanders and Warren–to the center – Buttigieg and Harris and in between over a dozen interesting, able people without much visibility to garner attention AND then there is Joe Biden who is familiar to and trusted by virtually all adult Democrats paying attention today.

If we drill into the core of all those creditable people, we will find the same basic instincts and values: respect for all Americans; the belief that health care is a human right; respect for the market and tax system and to distribute the country’s wealth fairly. Obviously, there are tweaks to the left or right among the candidates, to distinguish themselves for obvious reasons.

We all—more-less know that what matters most is to WIN the election.

It is already clear that to do that we need to avoid the extremes to attract the widest group of voters possible.

And, to do that it is increasingly clear that we need to embrace the most well known and trusted possible candidates.

Biden is clearly aging AND he also appears to have good enough health to win the election and restart the process of governance that the Democratic Party and President Obama left to the country in 2016.

His running mate will also be crucial –both to attract more voters and to learn how to make the Presidential process work for the good of the whole country.

I hope we can turn more of our attention as we weed out the ‘extra’ candidates, to the best possible choice for a person to be able to succeed Biden.

There are several very interesting possibilities for that role, when we can get past the clearly mistaken belief that the candidate must be someone exciting and new.

If that person existed at all, we would surely know who it is by now.

So let’s refocus on reality and get back on the basic, imperative task at hand!


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