No More Triggers

Where is an Anti-NRA?

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has historically had one serious power —MONEY — to oppose politicians who might possibly threaten the Second Amendment’s misinterpreted right for anyone to bear arms, of any type or destructive power AND their devious and deceptive insistence that ‘guns do not pull the trigger, people do’.

Well over two-thirds of our national population disagree with the NRA, yet year after year the NRA beats politicians who support control guns, with the money they raise from gun makers and gun huggers.

So where is a No More Triggers (NMT) — an openly anti-gun opposition?

If one percent of Americans contributed an average of $10/year to such an effort, that would amount more than $300 million, instantly creating a heavy counterweight to the NRA’s political sway.

Why hasn’t it happened? That question has lingered in my mind for years.  Existing efforts (Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, the Parkland students’ group, and others) are both scattered and focused on vital legislative and educational efforts. What’s needed, however, is a corollary political movement, one focused on candidates for office rather than legislative hearing rooms, and directly engaged in making the case to voters.

Maybe some new genius like Tom Steyer or Jeff Bezos could better use some of their money and selling ability to seize this opportunity as a real step toward ridding our nation of the horror of mass shootings?


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