A Prediction!

My neck is on the line…?

Trump will resign – possibly before Thanksgiving, but surely before the 2020 election.

People forget that the ‘whirligig’ of Trumpisms is based on a known human model: the bully who is insecure, in need of constant attention and support and fearful of public failure and seeming weak and fears jail.

Trump is now clearly aware that he is under direct and serious attack. He also must be aware that when he leaves office, he is likely to face indictments on many counts, at the state and federal levels, and could likely face time in jail.

Reports also suggest that Trump is aware that, even if the Senate acquitted him, impeachment by the House would forever stain his legacy (as a “public failure”). Historians aren’t likely to be as generous in their assessments of his competence, veracity and fitness for office as his Republican contemporaries, and every grade school student would be taught not that Trump made America great again ( but that he didn’t), and that he was just the third president in our 200+ year history to be impeached.

Perhaps most troubling for Trump: are signs that his base is starting to crack. His most vociferous Congressional defenders are flailing, and most of the rest are looking to enter ‘the witness protection program’, so loathe are they to be confronted in public about Trump’s crimes. A recent Washington Post poll found that 20 percent of Republican voters believe he should be removed from office, and fully a third of Republicans support the impeachment inquiry as a step in that direction.

Trump is not smart, but in this situation, his survival instincts align well with a strategic reading of the situation. Therefore, I believe he is getting very close to making a deal with Pelosi to resign and be given immunity from all future prosecution.

He will also bloviate about how he is sacrificing all this for the sake of the country he loves so well. His sacrifice was from the beginning. Being President for three years will have cost him a fortune!?

How do I know this? Obviously, I really do not KNOW anything.

But, on Meet the Press this past Sunday a dignified lady in her 50s, who as a senior engineering executive with Trump’s company, and knows him WELL from those years of working closely with him, answered the question about how this mess will end by suggesting resignation with a protective deal.

She was completely credible and what she said strongly makes plain old-fashioned good sense all around.

Let’s HOPE!

He does not deserve a pass to freedom.

But, is there anyone who wouldn’t trade a measure of revenge for the opportunity to make this long national nightmare end, NOW?

 Everyone benefits getting it OVER WITH!

That’s true for Trump, the public, and the future of democracy.


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