One-On-One With Trump


There I was with the ‘great’ man – at his invitation! – to have a ‘frank’ conversation. The subject:  to help him understand, with his unmatched wisdom, how he was perceived by folks like me and what he might do to convince himself, at least, that there were things he could do win my support and avoid being impeached and convicted.

T-“People tell me you are fair and open minded. Is that true and what does it mean?’

F- “I believe I am, and I think it means I truly want this country to work well in the world and for all our citizens and that no one person is either above the law or indispensable.”

T- “Well, then basically we agree! We may have to disagree on some of my ways and means. I have learned the hard way in my life that being a modest, moderate operator rarely works. That is why you probably think I am such a clown. People do not listen/hear you unless you can break through their outer shell of ignorance and/or bliss.”

F- “There may be an element of truth in what you say, but the frequency and way you do it, reduces your credibility with most people to the point that they stop taking you, and whatever you say, seriously.”

T- “If you are right, why would so many Americans still like me and support me?”

F-“You have to ask yourself who those folks are and why they have not yet abandoned you.”

T- “I have, and they are pretty much the same folks who ‘almost’ really elected me in 2016. And, they have not abandoned me because they still believe in me and what I am doing!”

F- “They may still believe your bullying and bluffing the Chinese will work because the evidence that it really is counterproductive takes time to become apparent as with the so called ‘J Curve’ in economics which shows that things often take two years to become apparent.”

T-“Your B.S. with fancy terms, like J-Curve, drives me and my supporters crazy. It is a good example of what your educational elitism has been doing to ruin the country.”

F- “It would help you and your Presidency if you read more and listened to your experts in economics and intelligence. They are not you. They are there to protect you and the country based on a lot of prior experience. For example, if you had listened to experts when you were in the real estate business, you probably could have avoided bankruptcy more than once, which had to have hurt you and your creditors badly.”

T- “There you go again with throwing dung at me for no good reason.”

F- “Call it whatever you like but denying reality simply to feel better about yourself is a very dangerous thing!” 

T- “What should I do to stop this ridiculous impeachment circus?”

F- “First, I would stop saying to TV cameras ‘when I am still President 12 years from now’. You know perfectly well that is –or should be—impossible! It scares people into fearing that are willing to burn the Constitution! Second, if I were you I would make a deal with Congress NOW while you still have some leverage left, to let you resign and avoid all further legal risks including Post-Presidency JAIL!”

T- “Why would any sane man do that?

F-“Who suggested you were sane?”

T-“How could I have accomplished what I have, if I were not sane.”

F- “History is replete with the accomplishments of madmen. Even Nixon managed to do it. And, he died a relatively satisfied man. If you’re thrown out of office, you will go down in history as one of the dumbest, sickest people ever!”

T- “I thought you were open and fair minded?”

F- “If you think about it for a minute, you will understand. If I were not fair, I would beg you to stay your course and go to jail for the rest of your life.”

T- “Thanks for coming in. My staff will take YOU directly to jail now. And I will see you there soon enough for both of us.”


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