Choices for America’s Voters


We all like choices. They help us feel empowered and in control of our own lives. Which is something no one has ever said about Congress.

Now, however, we sit in utter frustration, pinned down by Congress’s partisan paralysis and a deep public divide centered on Trump.

If public opinion coalesced on one side or the other, it could have a very real effect on what choices might be available.

For example, if public opinion said clearly “It’s too late for impeachment—wait for the 2020 election,” a lot of people would shrug and go along, content to litigate impeachment issues as part of the election campaign.

If public opinion overwhelmingly favored immediate impeachment and removal, the Congress would proceed now. Republicans, whose loyalty to Trump is based largely on the loyalty of Trump’s supporters to Trump, would then have ample incentive to consider their duty to the country and the Constitution.

Public opinion, unfortunately, shrugs with confusion and division.

As a result, we are going to see nothing but this issue for the next 12 months. The House will impeach, the Senate will acquit, and absolutely nothing will be resolved.  A meaningful majority of Americans who want to be done with Trump and get on with their lives will pin their hopes on 2020.

 Trump’s acolytes will relish his “exoneration” and continue their merry march to disaster.

Most disappointing, until we are rid of Trump much will remain in stalemate, and the world will remain in a state of unsettling and potentially dangerous flux.

Thus, at this vital moment in history, our choices all seem illusory!

It makes one wonder: Has REALITY left us for good?


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