A Multiparty System is Essential

History makes this clear today!

George Washington and Alexander Hamilton clearly anticipated the stalemate we live in today. Both wrote about it and worried about it a lot.

Lee Drutman recently wrote a brilliant piece in the Atlantic Magazine outlining and explaining the situation and laying a foundation for a possible antidote to the crisis of partisan stalemate.  https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/01/two-party-system-broke-constitution/604213/ 

Today, we have basically two factions – RED for Republican and BLUE for Democratic. Both have quite a few elected representatives who are well known as moderates and who, but for leadership demands for unity, would be open to crossing aisles on many issues.

Let’s for the moment call those people WHITE (just to honor the red, white and blue triumvirate of colors on the American flag). The far-right REDS deplore them, as do the far-left BLUES.

It is not clear today how many WHITES currently in the Congress may be interested in a new party. If issues of ballot access and other structural impediments were removed [like committees and budgets] , the number likely would be between 70-100.

If that were the case, neither the BLUES nor REDS would alone be able to dominate the other; either to organize their house or pass legislation. They both would have to negotiate with the WHITE party, or at least quite of them.

Indeed, given enough time the RED, WHITE and BLUE parties surely would find ways to mess things up like today. But, along the way it is quite possible that the country could find even more ways to lessen the pressures and processes of two-party factionalization, which is rapidly putting the whole country into a destructive stalemate.

What we need today is to get the RED and BLUE leadership back to needing at least some WHITE support to get things done.

All it will take to do that is for a WHITE party to suddenly appear and invite fellow members in both the House and Senate to join them.

Things might just get more amusing and productive.


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