Two Wrongs Do Not Make a Right

Unless it is Trump and it is a third wrong!

There are good and understandable reasons why Trump’s recent decision making has been both right and wrong.

The American public is just plain confused about his decision to take out General Soleimani and the criticism he has received from many quarters about his poor timing and judgment, which could now easily lead to an unnecessary and difficult-to-stop war in the Middle East.

Soleimani was clearly a bad guy. But he was also a top general of a foreign power with whom the US has diplomatic relations and with whom we have been struggling for years to find a modus vivendi. Leaving him alive and in charge obviously carried severe risks. Killing him likely simply shifted the timing and targets of those risks, and possibly their severity. That is why everyone is so understandably confused.

So why did Trump jump to a unilateral decision without any consultation with Congress and trusted allies?

The answer is pretty simple. Trump is adrift in a stormy sea fighting impeachment and loss of his position. “I gotta do something fast!”

It seems clear to me that he saw an opportunity to change the political debate and show off his guts and political decisiveness. In Trump’s warped worldview, even if it takes a war and costs lots of lives, if he beats the impeachment rap, he has a great win.

And, if the odds of that connection are even remotely correct, then his selfish decision should be even stronger grounds for impeachment. The vague and bumbling explanations of his underlings certainly also suggests an ex post facto scramble to justify Trump’s actions.

So, what happens now?

Trump’s former buddy John Bolton has emerged from the shadows to offer to testify before the Senate. Why now? Bolton always distrusted Iran. And, if his testimony supports Trump NOW, perhaps Trump both beats the impeachment rap and Bolton becomes Trump’s National Security Advisor again, or even Secretary of State?

Big wins for both bums!

All of this seems stranger than fiction. Perhaps it is a new form of fiction writ large?

When and how will this bad dream stop?


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