What to Do to Prevent Doomsday


Simply waiting for things, bigger than all of us put together, to happen is probably the one sure way to lead us to a doomsday.

Simply guessing what to do will most likely be wrong and therefore may deflect other better guesses or processes that might help.

What is the definition of doomsday?

It is when life, as we have come to know it for about 200 years, is radically changed; when our votes no longer matter; when we can not speak freely without fear of retribution; when we are forced to take direction from foreign powers; when the ownership of America’s great workforces use their power to simply increase and enhance their ownership; when the legal system is abused by a prejudiced judiciary; when the legal system is distorted to force citizens to corrupt their lives to save their families.

Doomsday does not necessarily mean we all curl up and die; or we catch a new virus that kills 10% of us in short order; or Congress is sent home for good; or the military take over all the large cities.

Doomsday will dawn slowly so that we will barely notice it, as it gathers steam, before it takes a firm hold, and then, one day, we’ll realize it’s too late for lonely citizens to take steps to reverse the tide that is swallowing them fast.

So, doomsday itself is an insidious process that creeps in during the dark hours until finally one sad day the sun fails to come up on time.

One of the biggest obstacles to anticipating and coping with doomsday is that far too few people are in any useful way interested in the subject.

Even without Trump or Russia—and with normal leaders here—doomsday is oozing its way into our lives—because that is simply the way of all doomsday forces, whether nuclear apocalypse, catastrophic climate change, or the collapse of democracy.

Accordingly, the first step to delaying/thwarting doomsday is to make it real for ALL Americans — from the highest/richest to the lowest/poorest—because the consequences of doomsday will affect all Americans more or less at the same time and in similar ways.

We have since the end of WWII been alert to the dangers of foreign powers who might manage to silently catch us unawares, as at Pearl Harbor.

And we have been spending fortunes on conventional military defenses. It has largely been a waste because the next war will be VERY different. We sometimes call it cyber war. And it will surely involve a lot of that.

But what we have been –and still are –blind to is that we are slipping into a war among ourselves.

Only when we really wake up to that fact can we truly begin to deal with our futures.


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