What Are We Really Worried About?

What’s Next?

When people worry about the 2020 election and four more Trump years, what do they fear the most?

The Courts; the tax system; the Middle East; overemphasis on military buildup everywhere; the waste on immigration walls of all sorts; the deteriorating quality of advisors to the President; continued conflict between haves and have nots across the country; another illegal overreach by the President and another impeachment fiasco; a new period of inflation arising from peak debts.

What good do some people see in four more years of Trump?

Some believe/hope that he will continue to deliver on economic strength -despite the fact that it is already clear that the steam in the kettle is running lower. He will be free to tilt the judicial system and Supreme Court much more to the right; he will be more aggressive in negotiating trade agreements which will cost consumers more and benefit his friends; he will assist in rearranging voting patterns to make his backers even more powerful.

Obviously, currently the Senate is his personal playground. If he loses control of the Senate, his freedom of movement in doing a lot of the above would be seriously constrained. But, that is a tall order, particularly if he successfully again gets the Electoral College to back him with its distorted numbers. 

Some people also worry that his boast that he will be President for 12 more years was also a prediction –hopefully based mostly on ignorance –and that he would defer elections and unilaterally, by Executive order, change our Constitutional system. He should be categorially asked what he meant by that statement.

Historically it has been easier to mobilize voters to vote AGAINST someone who is a clear and present danger than for someone new who inevitably remains less well understood.

Today the people of Trump’s base appear quite impervious to the words and thoughts of good, solid old-line Republicans. Romney and Alexander, both of whom have been dependable (if uninspiring) Republicans, have been helpful but the country needs more like them to awaken the Trump base to the risks he poses if he is reelected.

We all should be aware of all the risks going forward with Trump for four more years.


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