2020 Presidential Election

Main Goal?

If your main goal is either Trump again OR simply Medicare for all, save your time and aggravation and put this blog aside.

If your main goal is to replace Trump and/or move forward away from today’s 9/11 type crisis, you may find this piece interesting and even helpful.

The Nevada caucuses AT THIS VERY MOMENT have nailed down the belief that Sanders is the early most likely Democratic nominee. He clearly arouses a lot of younger and working-class voters with his messages and enthusiasms.

That said, a lot of more centrist Democratic voters worry that his embrace of the word ‘socialism’ is likely to hurt him seriously in the general election against Trump. That concern is virtually inescapable and thus the question of Sanders’ electability becomes, by itself, a very debatable question.

In the meanwhile, Bloomberg still looms large in the Super Tuesday primaries.

Prior to last week’s debate, in which Bloomberg failed to live up to the expectation of the quality of his ads, he had begun to rise in polls on the basic grounds of electability.

Let’s put that into perspective.

Those of us who are New Yorkers and who watched him as Mayor for 12 years, were NOT surprised at his stiff and awkward performance. He has never been a ‘stage performer’.

We also knew that he was vulnerable to the kind of criticisms aimed at him to his obvious discomfort.

We also know, and knew, that he was on balance for 12 years a very good and balanced Mayor. Sure, he made mistakes. But, I do not recall EVER hearing anyone question his values, motives and behavior.

We also can see a lot about the man in many of the objects of his long-term philanthropic support: gun control, climate change, education for minorities, women’s rights to name just a few.

It should be vividly clear that Bloomberg is fully qualified to be a manager of a large complex political institution such as the United States, and that his personal values and perspectives made him an exceptionally good Mayor and would similarly ‘inform’ his Presidency.

Therefore, as we head into Super Tuesday, it appears we face a choice between a politically popular and aggressive ‘democratic socialist’ [to use his own term] and an experienced political manager with a broad range of popular and moderate political policies.

We will no doubt be taking a risk either way we go.

The biggest OBVIOUS difference is that while Sanders has had plenty of financial support, Bloomberg has essentially endless money to spend to win the general election. And, while we know from painful experience that money does NOT buy elections, it does MATTER, particularly for get out the vote efforts in swing states.

This is NOT an election in which we can or should take unnecessary risks that we can avoid.

Bloomberg could have been a rich Mayor, who spent a lot of time playing golf.

In fact, Bloomberg was a rich Mayor who spent almost all his time making New York City a better place to live and work.

Let’s reduce the risk of a bad outcome this year by going with a highly qualified, experienced man who will deploy his more than adequate resources to ensure that he will win the general election!


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