Great to Be Alive


Would I prefer to have been alive in some other period?

A resounding NO!             

How can that be possible when you are gripping so much in your blogs regularly?

Gripping is a sign of being aroused by something.

And, it is better to be focused on something that provokes you than to sit dreamingly by and watch a boring world float aimlessly by.

Indeed, I am deeply focused on problems today.

Yet, though I feel depressed about things quite a lot, my mind is working overtime looking for ways to influence the flow of events that I worry are engulfing our world.

Despite my concerns the world is in a very interesting state.

The concerns about the planet are real as rain. My Dad was from Savanah Georgia. He said he was asked a lot when he come North what people did in Savanah when it rained. The answer was ‘let it rain’!

That seemed to work OK until the 21st Century when scientists began to discover/realize that ‘man’ was screwing up earth to the point that by the end of the 21st Century the process that ‘man’ had created would inevitably begin to unwind.

Change is not easy in our complex world. Big, rich interests like the fossil fuel industry fight like tigers simply to maintain their power and profits –choosing to ignore that they will be swept away too in time. Their response is that it will be on someone else’s watch. In the meanwhile, they will get rich. To what avail if the world really begins to unwind?

So far many of ‘man’ has been able to stay ahead of the curve which is sweeping the globe.

Perhaps one of the underlying forces pushing/pulling us in despotic directions is that it may take despots to imagine and apply the forces to ultimately rescue earth from its demise.

Populations at large have never been very good at recognizing problems and dealing with them without Pearl Harbor like provocations.

As with 1940 which led up to December 7th with comfy isolationist mentality across America, 2020 might just be lulling the country at large into a status quo mentality.

So –if that is the case, why are you beating yourself to death with concerns about politics and elections, when you really know better?

Knowing better is not an answer to not doing something. Being frustrated by knowing better inevitably should lead at least to trying harder.

Perhaps stirring the pot hard might lead in an unpredictable way to ‘the’ Pearl Harbor like event which could change the course of history.

It has been hinted in the press that the Chinese might have been inventing the current corona virus as a weapon against the West, though that seems most unlikely to me.

Still it might trigger a lot of Pearl Harbor like defenses which might bring all populations into focusing on the realities of today.

Hopefully it is not too late for an awakened America to pull up its bootstraps and take on the future in a constructive and effective way??


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