After Super Tuesday

And Beyond!

Breathe a great sigh of relief! This topic may be ending?

My fixation on the importance of the election I believe is paying off.

No, I am not claiming any credit for yesterday’s results.  But everyone who has been bleating about the Trump problems has contributed to the broad public understanding of the urgency to defeat Trump in November. Super Tuesday really bears that out. Voters gravitated to Biden in stunning fashion, particularly in the last few days.

The Democratic Party is now on the brink of finally (mostly) coming together, and Bloomberg also has promised to keep stepping on the $ accelerator, including keeping a lot of his new 2000-person political staff organizing to defeat Trump.

Without counting chickens, the Biden administration will feature several of his previous competitors, and other steady, experienced hands who can make government work again, and untangle the mess Trump has made with the world at large.

All business, financial and political leaders will tell you that their worlds work best in a surrounding atmosphere of dependability, reliability and predictability.

The convergence of a potential pandemic and Biden’s political resurrection brings to mind my January post, Après le Déluge, which now seems more prescient than I imagined at that moment.

The recent sharp correction in the stock market in the last week of February, triggered by the virus scare, was no doubt at least mildly exacerbated by fears of four more years of either Trump or Sanders. We now better understand what we are up against with Covid-19 AND can see the political future more clearly.

It may be a bit premature, but I am increasingly confident that the USA can again lead the world in dependability, reliability, and predictability. That tells me investors can be looking prudently at great long-term companies to carry us into the rest of the 21st Century in go


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