The Virtues of Self Quarantine

If done right!

At the ages of 89, Denie and I are what medical professionals call a “vulnerable population” – part of a vast collection of people more susceptible to negative, even fatal outcomes, from contraction of Covid-19.

So, starting last Saturday, we have holed up in our DC home. The plan is to revisit the topic in two weeks. The way things look now, it may be quite a bit longer.

Do not bother with feeling sorry for us. We lack for little, except social interaction. We do see our son and his kids and our housekeeper under VERY strict rules.

When the FedEx delivery person brings a package, we detox it before touching it. There’s a similar protocol for food and other items that come into the house.

We already like the feel of the new process. There’s a simplicity to our lives in this moment that is appealing, and elusive in more normal times.

After 69 years of marriage, there are not a lot of surprises in a relationship. Still, Denie looks more beautiful every day. And, I appreciate more everyday what she does to keep me alive. I hope she sees some of that in me too?

The walk around the block this morning was as stirring as our five-hour walks in Switzerland a few years back.

Inside the house, where we spend most of our days, the computer keeps me well informed and even busy. The television keeps me less informed, I know, but offers welcome relief from eye strain, and endless (often clueless) speculation about coronavirus and the possible downfall of the Trumpian empire.

Toss in my iPhone to stay connected and an occasional nap to stay serene and the day slides by beautifully!

If this is all we have to do to be able to celebrate 80 years of marriage (in 2031), we will be lucky folks — as long as we do not have to be isolated for the next 10 years!


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