The ‘Other’ Perspective on Covid-19

From the inside out!

Slightly more than 100 years ago, in the immediate aftermath of WWI, the world experienced a pandemic called, perhaps inaccurately, the Spanish Flu. 50 million people died. My father contracted the virus while he was in the army, and luckily for me and my sister he survived to tell the stories.

Even now, with months of warning and for reasons not yet wholly clear, the USA has failed to test enough people to get a better, bigger picture of the spread of coronavirus.  Scientists and others are thus “flying blind” in efforts to to contain and mitigate the spread of this pandemic.

That has left a lot of scientists asking how to learn more in the absence of hard data about the human dimension of the pandemic.

Taking advantage of fantastical (and highly classified) advances in artificial Intelligence and data mining, the President has appointed a secret, hand-picked team of White House operatives (“the best and the brightest of the brightest and the best of the people working here” he likes to say). Their mission: to discover the language of coronavirus, like the way we have learned that horses whisper and trees murmur, sharing amongst themselves, we believe, disdain for much of human behavior.

Their breakthrough came in social media. Vast datasets disclosed that social media is, in its way, an organism that behaves as both pathogen and contagion, poisoning its victims and using them to reproduce across the globe, from one contact to the next.

This new universe of communication, in turn, provides feedback to the viruses circulating through the system, enabling them to anticipate and respond to actions and efforts of humans to interrupt them from going about their daily business of trying to wreak havoc with humans.   

Trump is stirring up the chaos to win the 2020 election. Just another example of how crazy he is – or crazy like a fox?

Zuckerberg and the rest are too busy running their own greedy games to realize what is happening under their noses. Fear not, though: Trump knows what these geniuses don’t: Jared’s on the case.

The world in the hands of microscopic enemies is really getting under our skin!

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