Leadership vs. Egomania

A revelation into the mind of our accidental President.

Perhaps history will record that this was the biggest mistake in the history of our country.

Donald Trump got elected by playing on peoples’ fears of a horde of brown-skinned invaders illegally crossing our borders. The Wall – the “big, beautiful wall” — became the symbol of his genius and leadership.

One result of Trump’s relentless focus on imagined enemies was that he was consciously and deliberately ignorant of insistent cries of concern over microscopic invaders, dismissing even the warnings of intelligence officials in January of an emerging contagion. A real leader, heeding the alarm, would have picked up on the real threat and prepared the country – WHICH WAS THEN STILL POSSIBLE—to deal effectively with the coronavirus.

The money and attention wasted on the wall has contributed to more than 1,500 unnecessary deaths in the US, a number that is likely to grow starkly in coming days and weeks. For inexplicable reasons, Trump’s popularity has risen as the situation grows worse, even as he keeps saying he doesn’t take responsibility, it isn’t his fault, and he’s doing an “amazing” job.

The truth of the situation had been laid out well in advance simply and clearly. Bill Gates of Microsoft was speaking loudly and clearly. There were books, studies and government programs that called attention to the risk. They were followed by specific warnings of the emerging reality. They were completely ignored and even dismissed by Trump who substituted his hope and hunches.

In everything that’s happened, there has been only ONE thing on Trump’s mind: REELECTION!

There needs to be one thing on all Americans’ minds:  REAL LEADERSHIP!


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