Whatever the source, something big is happening!

One of the most intractable issues consuming public attention over the last two years is the threat of climate change.

We have a President and his political party who have rejected that it is a real problem — despite overwhelming evidence and the virtually unanimous opinion of the scientific world.

It is very difficult to get a lot of people to focus on an issue that may be decades from becoming evident in everyday life. A lot of good people have been swinging axes at this deathly problem for years, sadly to little effect.

Now, in a mere two months, we’ve bought some breathing room (pun intended). How?

I am not much of a believer in religion. But I do believe in some sort of invisible hand.

Whatever, whichever, the invisible virus pandemic has done more in two months to stave off the disaster of global warming than anything else.

The global consumption of oil is one of the biggest drivers (along with coal) of the carbon emissions that cause climate change. The price of oil has declined by about 2/3rds in the last few months. While other factors sparked the decline, it has become clear with the effects of virus pandemic that the demand for oil may be decades away from again reaching its previous highs. That is, obviously, terrible news for the energy industry – and especially U.S. producers. But it is GREAT NEWS for mother earth and every living creature that inhabits it.

Nature has its way with evolution in anticipating things that threaten us and providing us with new ways to combat those threats.

The toll of the coronavirus pandemic is too great to call its impact on climate change a “silver lining”. It is, however, a welcome respite at a moment when we have plenty else to worry about. For that we all owe big thanks to all of God, Nature and helping invisible hands!


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