Are best advanced by TESTING!

When I left law school in 1956, I thought and hoped I had taken my last real test.

Little did I know then! Dozens of all sorts of new and different tests lay ahead.

Now in my 90th year I am for the first time learning what epidemiological testing is all about. It’s a fascinating subject with a lot of its unique rules, which must be learned to be understood! It helps to have leaders who are able and willing to learn.

Viruses know no borders or barriers. And it also appears that they know no rules—even their own. And this virus so far, of course, has no vaccine. Thus, the ONLY way to deal with the virus is to learn where it is, where it has been and where it may be going. And the only way to do THAT is to test virtually everybody completely, consistently and comprehensively.

Trump said in early March that ANYBODY who wanted a test could get one. That isn’t any truer today than it was when he said it. It’s almost as if he was simply wishing it would happen. Six weeks later only about 2 million people (less than 1% of our population) have so far been tested. Now tens of millions of people are desperately trying to get tested.

Meanwhile, Trump already wants to lift the country wide isolation quarantines that, absent very widespread testing, are the only thing that have prevented hundreds of thousands of deaths.

If we cannot overcome Trump’s inability to grasp science, we will be destined to see a return of the virus and more deaths – and almost certainly another or more shutdowns.

Obviously, it has not been helpful to have a President who simply is incapable of understanding the questions. The political polls are beginning to indicate the public finally grasps this reality and that Trump, as the bungling leader/manager of an inept response, carries the burden responsibility virtually alone.

Thank God the election is only several months away. Let’s hope that the time passes quickly, as the country looks more and more to Biden’s experience and wisdom.


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