COVID ‘Central’

Where the ‘buggers’ get their orders

Over the last 3 months I have written previously twice about this subject – the first was about ‘virus talk’ and the second was Covid from the inside out – you can find them if you like on Given that this whole subject still is in the realm of fantasy land, here is one more take which might amuse or terrify you –let me know?

The conventional wisdom about the virus bugs that are infecting the whole world today is that they know nothing, go anywhere and everywhere and are ‘mad men’ capriciously and randomly bent on destroying humanity.

Admittedly, there must be considerable truth in that conventional wisdom.

But, it is curious to note how and why those bugs appear to come and go seemingly in response to humans’ responses. There almost seems to be some kind of ‘brain’ behind what is going on?

There is genuine effort to pin down where the bug started.

Whether that was a wild animal market or a lab in Wuhan may not matter. What may matter is what remains in that first bottle out of which the bugs originally came?

There could be a new theory that still in that bottle is the original ‘Emperor Bug’ (EB). That bug is a modest bug –she looks just like all the other bugs – no brass epaulettes. But that EB has made the bottle feel like what we call a Pentagon. And, the other bugs still in that bottle have remained in touch –via a superbug WIFI way beyond human imagination –with all their emissaries around the world reminding them of their duty to follow the instructions of Ben Franklin in 1800 about proliferating [like a penny doubled daily] in which the whole world and all humanity would be gone in just about 93 days.

The Emperor bug knows that they are playing in an up/down, win or lose game.

Now she seems concerned about the ultimate outcome.

She had not anticipated how effectively humans might utilize social distancing.  So, she ordered her armies of bugs to leave young people alone so that they -the young -might break down the social processes that were impeding her progress by pushing for reopening everywhere.

It is certainly too early to predict the ultimate outcome.

But, there is a lesson in this wisdom, never take nothing for granted!


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