‘Out Like Flynn’

Flying in the Face of Justice

It would be easy to claim that Attorney General William Barr and Donald Trump have lost their marbles in moving to drop criminal charges against former national security advisor Michael Flynn.  Or do they know something that we do not/cannot know?

First, recall that Trump fired Flynn for lying.

Second, Flynn pled guilty (twice).

Third, Flynn went to jail.

Fourth, Barr now says a ‘mistake’ was made –lying to the FBI is NOT a crime –which in fact it is.

Fifth, Trump appears to be worried that Flynn knows a lot of stuff about Russia and Trump – “stuff” he wants to keep private before the election.  Flynn seems to be holding significant cards and appears to be using them to hold Trump hostage. (Who can really blame Flynn, who has been in jail for Trump.)

The eagerness with which Trump and his minions have sought to get Flynn off the hook strongly suggests Flynn’s stories must be very ‘HOT.”

The lawyers in Justice are up in arms that Barr alone overturned their findings without explaining how and why there was no crime. When something prima facia does not make sense; it does not, in fact, make sense. This situation sure does smell that way.

We should all be screaming to hear the rest of this intriguing story?

In the meanwhile, it is fair to assume Flynn is peddling his story to the highest bidder.

Now, that would seem to favor anyone who can keep him out of prison. The Judge who has jurisdiction over the matter did a very wise thing. He appointed a distinguished retired federal judge to argue the case before him for the Justice Dept position.

That looks promising for the term “JUSTICE”.

God help us all, if Trump wins a second term!

This is how Hitler took over Germany in the 1930s.


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