Let’s Help Get a Grip on Biden

A phrase like FDR’s ‘New Deal’ Could Help

Joe Biden has been laying out his policy ideas for many months. He has clear and strong views on health, education, jobs, trade, etc. Yet many people cannot quite pin down what Biden basically stands for.

Today he gave a superb speech on UNITY. He will surely be making more in coming weeks.

In the 1930’s, FDR’s speech writers were looking for words and phrases that captured his whole program. They consciously and deliberately sprinkled words and phrases into various speeches and other public comments to get feedback on how those words resonated. Through that process, they came upon the phrase “New Deal,” which hit home with most Americans and to this day still captures FDR’s Presidency.

As Biden’s candidacy matures it becomes clearer that some such ‘catch’ phrase could be very helpful and desirable.

As part of that process, testing the waters is necessary.

Below is a list of 10 possible ideas.

Please respond –if you are so disposed- with your top three favorites among the list in the order of your choice. Or, if you have other ideas, include them in your list of three. I will tabulate the returns –entirely anonymously—and inform both you and Biden of the results. And, I encourage you, if you like, to get in touch with the campaign on this subject.

We can all take some pleasure in helping Biden in a way different than simply signing checks.

1—True Blue

2—Truth matters

3—Nothing but the Truth

4—Age vs Beauty

5—Smart and Tough

6—A Steady Hand

7—Truth and Consequences

8— A Better Way Forward

9—Courage and Caring  

10—Let Us Breathe


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