Surprise, Surprise!!

Good News

Having been sequestered for the last 90 days, I have seen lots more TV –CNN mainly — than ever before.

One thing has become more and more obvious amid the roiling news stories.

Every day reveals several female faces — some new, some well-known – seizing the mantle of leadership to address the public health crisis, the economic crisis, or the crisis of unarmed black men dying at the hands of police.

These outstanding women come from every corner of the USA — members of Congress, mayors, police chiefs, prosecutors, activists, artists and lawyers galore – each showing the older (white, male) guard how it should be done..

I have deliberately not named a single one of these women for the very rational reason that I would be chastised for not naming your ‘favorite.’

It does not yet look like half to me –as it will more than likely soon—but it is both amazing and thrilling to see.

It is the future and it looks VERY promising.

Joe Biden knew what he was doing when he promised to pick a woman as his running mate!!!!!


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