Fork in a Road

If in doubt…

Can you help me? — DRIVER

Where are you headed? — BYSTANDER

I’m trying to get to nirvana.

Where is that?

Where I was headed.

Where is it near?

A place called UP.

I have heard of that, but it is hard to get there.

It keeps moving around a lot.

It is where it is meant to be.

So, all I need to do is just keep going?

You want me to tell you what you don’t know?

Of course!

Perhaps it is where you thought it was at the first of the year.

How do you know that?

I cannot know. I can only guess.

Well, what do you base your guess on?

Your guess is as good as mine – unless you have more experience.

There is no relevant experience.

Yes, but any experience is better than none.

Perhaps, but because I am driving, my experience is what matters most.

Then why are you asking all these questions? True, you hold the wheel, but be careful. Confidence in a guessing game can lead to disaster.

You just said one guess is as good as the other!

Therefore, which guess is better?

The better guess is the one with less risk. Outcomes, however, are unknowable. How does one choose?

The wisest route to nirvana is the one that leads up more than down. Wisdom and a sense of direction lie in knowing what one does not know.


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