Russia + China = Trump in Jail?

Who would have guessed?

The 2016 election was weird in a lot of ways. Most astonishing, of course, was the way it turned out. Our relatively open election process led to Trump’s shenanigans being quite transparent after the fact. The most significant of this fiddling was Trump’s not so hidden love affair with Putin.

Not a few American voters were taken in by that, hoping that it might lead to peace in Europe.

Then, after the election, Trump went after China charging trade infractions. And, now we learn that while he was beating up publicly on Xi, he was privately begging Xi to buy more corn to help Trump with farmers in the 2020 election.

The sum and substance –almost unbelievably – is that Trump appears to have double-crossed the American people to get himself and keep himself elected. Presumably because he loves the limelight and Presidential perks—particularly Air Force One –all of which is paid for by the American people, not Trump, Inc.

Using Putin and Xi together to help Trump’s elections is reminiscent of how Poland once bobbed and weaved between Europe and Russia to keep itself independent. What the Poles did and what Russia and China do is their business. But it is OUR business to get and keep them out of our backyard!

It is a crime to even ASK for help from foreigners in our elections. The specific statute (52 USC 30121) reads, in part, “It shall be unlawful for … a person to solicit, accept or receive a contribution or donation… from a foreign national.” One need not be in office, and one need not RECEIVE the assistance – asking for it is enough to run afoul of the law.

The evidence appears to be abundantly clear that Trump has broken those laws – possibly repeatedly. Given his fondness for public housing, we should begin seriously paving the way for him to spend more time housed at taxpayers’ expense after the election.



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