Trump’s Departure?

Not when, but how?

There are several possible ways in which Trump might leave office, to wit:

  • He will have a heart attack and hand the reins of power over to Pence before the election.
  • He will lose the election but claim voter fraud, despite Biden’s popular vote margin of 10 million and more than 320 electoral votes.
  • He will accept the election result but insist he must stay until he gets a written apology from Biden for beating him.
  • He will issue 100 Executive Orders between election day and Jan 20 — from a death penalty for Hillary’s “treason” to eliminating federal taxes for ex-Presidents. The last will be a special-order commending Trump himself as the BEST President who ever served.
  • He will simply die of shame.

While many Americans might most appreciate the last, the likeliest outcome is that Trump goes (for him) quietly, probably signing a flurry of pardons on his way out the door – for himself and his kids, for sure, along with anyone who might be inclined to be helpful to the prosecution in any of the numerous legal challenges facing Trump after he leaves office.

It’s interesting to note that there are still a lot of Americans who fear that ‘socialism’ may be just around the corner, BUT still prefer not to risk another four years of Trump. The touted “Trump base” is no longer monolithic, and is bleeding support profusely, particularly among women.

Now, both the military AND the Supreme Court have indicated that they will not tolerate Trump run amok – that they will, in the end, stand for the rule of law.

There is hope ahead. All we need to get there at the moment is PATIENCE!

I have never hoped for a summer to pass faster!


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