Rise and Shine

The promise of America… And Joe Biden

Joe Biden has been criticized, unfairly or not, for not having much of a message yet beyond “Not That Evil Guy.” (I’d say unfairly, given that his opponent’s recent rationale for reelection was “I already know Bolton is an idiot.”)

I have been fiddling with ideas for some time, and, you will recall, both suggested and solicited some possibilities. “A Better Way Forward” was the best I/we came up with. Until today.

Watching the news, I noticed the word RISE. Suddenly, Rise and Shine came into my head. It’s a common saying, generally understood to mean “get up and greet the day.” It holds, however, so much more.

Part action, part aspirational, “Rise and Shine” embodies both the mission before us as a nation and the promise America still holds for its people and the world. We must rise above the terrible divisions that have riven us; and from there we must strive to shine with our brightest potential, becoming the beacon of hope and opportunity we’ve long claimed to be, but rarely earned.

Rise and Shine. That’s got to be right, because it’s what must happen.


___ A fantastic idea!

___ I don’t think it’s quite right for “Sleepy Joe”

___ Doesn’t move me, but Joe doesn’t have to – I’m already there

___ One more idea like this and I’m going to refer you to a psychiatrist


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