The Judges Have Ruled

Feedback on the Great Slogan Challenge of 2020 and other items.

Last week I published a piece on fictional “twins” who have different political perspectives but are otherwise much alike. “How to tell them apart?” was the hook, and I invited you to share your guesses on whom they would support in November.

It was, in truth, a piece I’d been mulling for some time, based on something I had read on the subject of how people come around to supporting one candidate over another. Perhaps I mulled too long, because the world around us has certainly changed dramatically in the last few months.

Thus it was that a sharp reader, within minutes of my post, who provided the definitive answer to the question of which twin was supporting which candidate: “They’re both voting for Biden” was her succinct and perfect answer! Case closed. But it was provocative enough to provide real feedback.

Regular readers know I’ve been concerned at the lack of a core message by Joe Biden – a brief, simple statement that highlights his values and goals; the counterpoint, as it were, to Trump’s bumbling “Bolton is an idiot” response to what HE hopes to accomplish in a second term.

A post in June offered some sloganeering suggestions and I solicited yours. From that, “A Better Way Forward” emerged as the most popular choice among readers. Then, I had what I thought was a stroke of genius – “Rise and Shine.” To me, it struck all the right notes – positive, aspirational, action and values based. It even nods to the racial justice movement! I ran it by a couple of people whose response was so positive that I rushed it out the (virtual) door into your hands, asking whether you shared my enthusiasm.

Most readers who responded did not, in fact, think highly of the idea. Less a stroke of genius, they perhaps concluded, than symptoms of a stroke! C’est la vie. I appreciate having an audience of friends, family and colleagues who can help set me and my ideas straight.

Lastly, a reader recently complained about my recent emphasis on Trump. Point taken. I think most of you share my deep concern about the future of our nation under Trump. And it can’t be denied that we’re ALL exhausted from four years of … this. I’ll strive to remember that what is an outlet for me can sometimes be an unwelcome burden for others.

The good news is –there are many, many other subjects that interest me! And, November is just around the corner to save further talk about the Donald. WE HOPE!

Just wait and see!


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