Whither My Blogs?

More, Less, Different … How?

I have been blogging now for about 10 years.

I had no plan in mind when I started.  I simply did one and then another and the next thing I knew it had become a habit and now is rather demanding hobby.

There are now over 500 blogs out there and I get constant encouragement from quite a number of readers and regular comments. A handful have asked to be removed over the years, but more have asked to be added.

Recently I have become bored with Trump stuff and the bloody virus and so have quite a few readers, so I am asking myself what next? And, it occurred to me it could not hurt to ask you for your thoughts. Hence this piece.

My aim in starting any piece is to try to make a non-obvious point, provoke a new thought or two and maybe find a touch of humor.

An old friend, who I had not heard from in years recently sent a note commenting that he liked my pontificating. I hate that word and idea – and almost threw in the pen right then (although my correspondent was, in fact, making a compliment). I know I cannot please or bore all the readers all the time, but if I can amuse, inform and stimulate a few most of the time it is worth my time and effort and hopefully yours too.

I cannot, and should not, promise not to ever mention Trump again or to speculate on the health and wealth aspects of the virus. That is today’s reality—like it or not.

The subjects which fascinate me are, and which I’ve touched on in the past. If you share my interest, let me know – or help me expand the list!

—the universe, time and what is out there of possible relevance to us on earth.

— how humans’ social developments progressed from way back.

—how humans can develop and change to meet the eons ahead.

—how to create humor in subtle ways.

— sources of human energy and inspiration.

Those are among my interests. What are yours?

I hope quite a few of you will respond with thoughts and comments. This is also a chance for you to check out without embarrassment – just reply with “unsubscribe.” I will completely understand, and we will still be friends (if we are now?).

You will do ME (and possibly a great many of my readers) a big favor by commenting on my thoughts and topics of possible interest to you in the future.

And/or any other comments you have been withholding out of fear, favor, politeness or boredom.



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