TikTok Time Bomb?

Starting with Treasury Playing Goldman Sachs

Trump is on the way out AND is playing games with America by demanding that Microsoft pay a big fee to the US Treasury for his supposedly setting up the deal to allow it to acquire TikTok.

On the face of it, Trump would not appear to benefit personally, but from everything we know of the man, I hope smart people will look under all the stones surrounding the deal to be certain that is correct.

There does not appear to be any monopoly issues at issue. Facebook, Google and Twitter already fill the field and mess with our minds.

Given the First Amendment, there is no real question about the legitimacy of social media, despite its distortions of popular thinking. Whether yet another giant in that business is a good thing remains to be seen.

However, a President and ‘his’ Treasury should not be playing Goldman Sachs here. There simply is not a valid government role to broker such a deal. Insisting that the Treasury get paid for such a dubious transaction merely demonstrates Trump’s strange obsession with extracting cash from others, a la the border wall and NATO.  There is a lot more to be learned and seen, but we desperately need both the media and the legal profession to get involved in a big way and reveal all the nonsense involved in this bizarre transaction.


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