Do Not Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Unless you really wanna look at the teeth!

I grew up among horses and I recall a common saying – ‘never look a gift horse in the mouth.’ It took me a long time to get it.

If the first thing you do when someone gives you a horse is to look in its mouth, you are in effect questioning the value of the gift, because the way to determine the age of a horse is to look at its teeth.

That is plainly rude and offensive to the gift giver – the equivalent of looking at the price tag on more common gifts.

So, when you encounter this saying, you are hearing both a warning that something may not be what it seems.

One can think of many such warnings we are getting today including most of what comes through Trump’s teeth.

Lies, lots of lies! But what lies behind those lies –stupidity, ignorance, insanity, greed and selfishness.

I would rather be accused of being rude because of wanting to know someone’s age than be charged with stupid lying!

Horses are actually very intelligent critters. They know when the starting bell rings they are supposed to start running like hell.

They have great memories; for example, they like the smell of flowers around their neck.

And, they love it when they are admired in the winner’s circle.

If more of us were as smart as our horses, our world would be a better place!


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