The Newest SCOTUS Justice

Just might help decide her own legitimacy

Trump and the Senate are aiming to SEAT the new Justice BEFORE the election.

That just might result in a case that goes directly to the Supreme Court, with the new Justice becoming the 9th vote on her own very legitimacy. I say her because we have been told it WILL be a woman.

How is that for whacky justice?

If that does not clarify the wrongness of rushing to fill the seat before the election, perhaps nothing will.

Though the Constitution says nothing about consistency and/or hypocrisy, for two hundred years we have been pretty good at behaving the way we have always thought civilized people should behave.

Now the rough and tumble of street fights seems to be taking over.

At a minimum hopefully, in Senate hearings on the nomination a Senator should ask the nominee if she would recuse herself in any case before the Court involving herself.

That would help but not necessarily solve the problem.

The basic problem is that the Constitution did NOT contemplate political parties and their consequences. Also, the Constitutional framers never thought about timing the way we now know it. It does not take a lot of imagination to infer accurately what the framers would have thought about today’s situation.

The fact is they did not think that much about the Supreme Court at all and much of the process related to the Supreme Court was developed as time passed.

Perhaps the Supreme Court itself just might lead the way to justice in this vexing matter by refusing to SEAT the new Justice before the election!

After the election, if Trump loses, then the issues get clearer and the legal situation changes in many ways.

And, if the Dems win big – the House, Senate and White House – the Republicans should get ready for their turn of frustration, because there are a lot of things that can be done to rebalance the scales of Justice!


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