Joe: Stay in the Basement!

And run nice ads.

With less than a month until the election and millions of votes already being cast, it seems the only thing that might alter the outcome is if Joe Biden joined Donald Trump in contracting Covid-19.

Soldiers as “suckers”, $750 in taxes, and Trump’s reckless handling of Covid-19 have solidified Biden’s lead.

The late afternoon joy ride the President took – endangering the poor Secret Service officers who had no choice but to take him – is likely to further cement voter perceptions of a President wholly unequipped to make good decisions.

What then, is left for Biden to accomplish on the campaign trail that could help and not possibly hurt?

My advice therefore to Joe is: Stay in the basement — AND stay WELL.

A remote debate is possible. Be kind, calm and sympathetic.

With today’s margins, RISKS are unnecessary.

Make no promises to pardon Trump!

Name your choice for the Supreme Court — Merrick Garland?

And start to speculate on your cabinet.

You can’t do nothing, but too much could get risky.

Congratulations and luck to us all!!!


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