Who Loves Trump

The day after the election, each of us grateful for the outcome should find someone we know (and we all know someone) who was rooting for the other side. Our words should be simple: “I feel for you because I know how I would feel. While we do not agree, we are neighbors and we owe it to all our neighbors and ourselves to maintain decorum and stop whatever politicking we have been doing—with and to each other — for at least a year!”

Hopefully, that neighbor will reciprocate (and in my case he knows who he is and I expect he will read this).

If that doesn’t happen for you, perhaps you need to talk to other neighbors and review the options. There are plenty of ‘civilized’ ways to work through that scenario. Flat tires and broken windows are not among them.

And, we all will start after the election with some sort of story like this one.

Basically, this is a NEW OPPORTUNITY to put disagreements aside and start finding things we all can agree on – like parking–and work from there back to a world where we join together in recognition of our intermingled lives instead of living in separate universes.

Let’s face it –we all need and want a peaceful world.

We also want a predictable world.

We also want a world of opportunities—for everyone. If opportunities are to be parceled out just to the privileged, that means those who are not privileged will be understandably feel left out.

In other words, we want many of the same things, and share many of the same values, including and especially a commitment to American democracy. We SHOULD be able to get along without too much difficulty!

Consider Supreme Court Justices Scalia and Ginsburg, who became dear friends despite their strong and diametrically opposed views on the world. I wish we could have extracted the ‘stuff’ that made them friends. We really need it badly for the world today.

Our collective job now is to get back to making our world work. That starts with finding a neighbor and rediscovering your common ground.

From that simple act, it can spread wide between two oceans.


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