And what to do about it.

The odds are, whether you know it, or like it, that you are somewhat clinically depressed. If you are not, you either must be a Trumper and/or someone who enjoys boredom.

These are some of the common symptoms of depression: feeling blah! sleeping a lot; not interested in life; anger at the world around you, including your most loved ones; a lost sense of humor; loss of interest in beauty of all sorts. I could go on and on, but if you have not seen any of the above in yourself, you are NOT depressed (and therefore must be suffering a more serious illness!).

So, what can you do?

Stop thinking about the election and the brink of civil war everywhere! Easier said than done.

Make plans to distract yourself from yourself. Pick a few hard to find places of interest not too far from your home. Try to get there and back in your car without getting too lost and, whether you finally see the place or not, when you get home, you may feel you have accomplished something worthwhile! It’s called spin the wheels for change.

Cut way back on TV. The constants of TV—Covid news, Trump nonsense, election bear tracks and traps, and pontificating talking heads are probably the main causes of your depression. Strangely, it keeps on drawing you in—STOP!

Make a plan for everyday—with due regard for social distancing and masks. See and talk with at least one neighbor and friend every day; order IN a special dinner menu at least once a week—have one drink too many every OTHER night and sleep better for it. And, for good measure, start and/or finish a good book every three days.

Pay attention to your appearance – even if the only person who sees you is the spouse you’ve woken up next to for decades.

Go on your computer and browse around for something you do not need but absolutely cannot live without. Then, immediately order it from Amazon and wait impatiently for it to arrive.

Instead of taking a shower every third day, take one every other day. You will be surprised at how good that feels and smells!

Tell your spouse he/she looks great – the response can be surprising—be prepared!

Bottom line is that if you were not somewhat depressed in this strange time, you likely would NOT be normal.

The election may be a turning point for most of us and we may have to convert our collective depressions into collective anger to changes around us that put our ways of life at risk.

And, when that happens, we can go back to being depressed.

Then we go back to work patching America back together.



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