Hard to Tell Which?

Boy, is there a tangle of confusion out there.

The other day, it was reported that emails went out – via Estonia — to a number of registered Democratic voters threatening them to “vote for TRUMP – or else.” 

Intelligence reports suggest Iran is behind the messages, designed to make it appear to be the work of the Proud Boys far-right militia group. The purpose of the messages was apparently to HELP Biden by running a “false flag” operation against an extremist group of Trump supporters.

But, really, who believes John Ratcliffe? It’s certainly plausible that it WAS the work of the Proud Boys, whose intimidation tactics are well known.

What’s most interesting to me is that anyone thought such a plan might work. It reeks of the kind of desperation and incompetence that have so far been the exclusive hallmarks of Trump’s campaign. Would anyone put it past Trump’s band of mischief makers to concoct this operation as a last-ditch play for sympathy? (“See? They’re trying to steal the election!”)

Granted, the Iranians don’t have a lot of experience with free and open elections (then again, some might say we don’t, either). But could they really be this inept? It seems just as possible that the Trump geniuses, having exhausted both their efforts to repeat the 2016 campaign and their billion-dollar campaign war chest, have simply run out of ideas.

In any event, we’ve got to get this election behind us before we all go insane! 11 DAYS TO GO!!!


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