Trees Know What’s Going On

Be Careful What You Reveal to Them

When you stop and think about it, TREES really are quite different than most other inanimate living objects. Some are beautiful, many are plain, and they all bow and sway to their music, the way humans do.

Scientists have been studying the ‘whispers’ of trees for a long time. Tiny reports are leaking on what they have been finding recently. None of this is, as yet, confirmable, but IF it proves to be correct it is astounding!

Scientists have wrapped their ‘wires’ around different trees and are able to keep track of the changing tree sounds. That coupled with some assumptions about what trees might be thinking and saying about what is in their plain sight have begun to provide the basis of ‘tree language’ for general use.

For example, trees that are ‘wrapped’ properly, when they clearly can hear sounds of chain saws, might be expected to say, ‘oh my God!’—and guess what –that is what they in fact say.

Another test recently reported that when two humans ‘coupled’ intensely at the base of a tree, the tree was heard to say: ‘so that’s how they do it!’

Those two simple examples are a good start at building a whole tree language and vocabulary.

When ‘we’ get there, what could we do with such information?

First, we must be careful not to get too squeamish; we need wood more than we need happy trees.

Second, when we seek to use trees that do not care that they are cut down, we may find that there is an adverse selection bias that gives us flawed wood.

Third, we need to be very selective to leave alone the trees that are most likely to reproduce even more such trees.

Now any movement against trees will be seen by trees at large as signals of a possible all-out war.

We have enough threats of war all around us already. North Korea combined with trees might just topple Trump.

So, let’s keep our chain saws under lock and key until after the election!


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