The Result Will Not Be Too Different from Expectations

And, voters like a divided government.

The first impressions on Tuesday evening were, to us Blues, stupefying!

As the night gave way to morning light, it became clearer that the confusion was due mainly to the timing of counting the different categories of ballots. Tuesday’s in person votes were largely the first to be counted and announced. That was always expected to be heavily Red. A lot of people expected that the earlier voting would have been first to be counted. Not so!

The result is that today—Wednesday –the numbers are more like original expectations and that Biden with hindsight will have won cleanly.

That said, it is also beginning to be clear that the Senate probably will be evenly split and that there will be no actual majority leader (in the absence of a majority) and the VP will be the deciding vote, which should have the salutary effect of forcing the Senate to compromise.

The House lost a few seats, but the Speaker will still have a pivotal role to play.

The overall results thus are likely to be President Biden without a decisive mandate, a Senate that can no longer block anything and everything and a House that will have to be moderate.

As part of the hidden genius of our Democracy, that is no doubt what the electorate wants and wanted.

A divided government has some advantages. It is forced to negotiate to find and make compromises. That ultimately is what our overall population wants; they figure that is what those folks are paid to do.

And as a divided population, that process of compromises is what protects all our ‘parts’ from the excesses of other parts.

So overall, we can, if we try hard, see a great success in the election outcome.

The result should force all elements in our society to work better on coming together.

That has been our biggest failure in the past twenty years, capped by the last four.

So, let’s breathe a sigh of relief and get back to beating the hell out of Covid!


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