The Truth is Now Clear

Trump Has Been Literally Crazy Since Day One

There are degrees of craziness which culminate in a person acting severely against their own interests.

A lady in the middle west recently announced that she had switched away from Trump because she finally saw that he is and has been crazy. She added that she had favored him four years ago ‘just because he was NOT a politician.’

Politicians live in a fishbowl and for better or worse a lot of people who are also in that fishbowl know the reality of all the other persons in that bowl. England has the arrangement where to become Prime Minister you must be selected by your colleagues, who know you very well and up close.  Craziness rarely rises through that sieve. Boris Johnson may be the exception that proves the rule.

The lesson may be that the way to avoid another Trump mistake is to put up obstacles to run, instead of seeking an easier way to get rid of a mistake. It is always harder systemically to get rid of a President than not initially take the chance, if the people who know that person best say BEWARE!

A lot of us who knew Trump from his New York days had a strong concern that he was in fact some degree of truly bonkers from the very outset. Members of his own family are now writing publicly about that.

What kind of obstacles could help and NOT at the same time rule out exceptional talent?

Perhaps to start with, prospective candidates should have been one or more of: a State Governor, Congressman for at least three terms, a Senator, a CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, or head of a large university for at least five years, etc.?

That is to say, candidates should have relevant experience during which quite a lot of knowledgeable people could see the person in action. IF that person were widely deemed ‘off’ in important ways, the public should be sure to hear about it.

The rules about FULL DISCLOSURE should become formal and extensive: tax returns, foreign entanglements (debts, ownership and dependencies) and corporate debt.

For unexplained reasons we have never gotten around to codifying all these matters and making them MANDATORY by appropriate dates BEFORE a candidate can even compete in primaries.

Prospective candidates should agree to have annual mental and medical reports from independent doctors/hospitals about their physical and mental health which must be made public.

We have been put through four –yes 4—tortuous years because we have been deprived of virtually all the above.

My point is quite simple: it is easier to avoid a coming problem than to get rid of it.

This piece is obviously nowhere near the last/best word on how to do that BUT it sure would help, if we could launch such a process before we forget again, as we have in the past!


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