Joy and Happiness

Are Not Dead and Gone!

Though the world around us is dim and grim, a lucky few have found a new life. 

We have two friends, a man and woman in their late 80s who each recently lost a lifetime super spouse and had known each other throughout their respective marriages.  They discovered each other, threw convention to the wind and became a couple. 

Not only do their children and grandchildren approve; they love the chance to have respectively found two new ancestors. 

Watching them entertain –which they have both done for a lifetime—with grace, ease and confidence in which they respectfully observe each other’s strengths and weaknesses –demonstrates that they have not had to relearn how to collaborate as a couple—it simply comes again naturally. 

This gives confidence to all observers who rejoice in the happiness and joy they have found and come again to believe that not all is bad in our world.  


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