Is Our World Really Crazy?

What does that mean?

Oversimplified, it means that unreality has largely displaced reality. 

Perhaps the virility and contagion of the virus has escaped from our lungs and entered our brains. 

Trump’s denial of reality has drawn over 50,000,000 acolytes and it is spreading fast.  

Even the most die-hard realists among us are beginning to feel the ground beneath us tremble and shudder with uncertainty. 

As I wake from a fitful sleep filled with dreams that are proxies of real life, I feel like I am being pulled against my will into a world that I hate but can’t fight.  

I roll over, and wish to stay asleep until January 20, when hopefully, the crazy and virus filled world will suddenly, joyously disappear and in its place will be the good old world of reality. 

If that does NOT happen, I fear we may have let nature’s environmental devolution go on too long and too far to be reversed in time to save our planet. 

If there ever was a right person to build a new dam against the destruction of mankind, Joe Biden may be our FDR/CHURCHILL rolled into one. Only his brain –not his tongue—will be the instrument of salvation. 

As I have said often about my youthful experience as a student in a hospital for crazy people, it was often very difficult to recognize insanity from normality. Today the walls of that hospital have expanded exponentially. 

Most normal people still see Trump as, in fact, crazy. BUT given the fact that he has only two more months in power hardly anyone sees a need to deal with the problem NOW! 

If we are very lucky, we may escape alive.  

But we will be left with a society that has for four years succumbed to a sort of mass hysteria. How long will it take to purge that insane unreality from the minds of so many Americans? 

There is no way to know. 

Yet, is clear that unreality can and will give way reality, if we give it a chance. 

Trump may want to try to take all of us into his loser’s world as his way of getting even. 

That we cannot allow! 


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