Giving is the Beginning of Everything

Starting with Christmas

The origins of Christmas are surrounded by many stories about Jesus Christ and early German history about the Yule season. 

They are mostly about how it is better to give than receive; but it is really all about how humanity knits together the infinite different strands of people who make up our diverse world. 

My sister, Lucinda Bunnen, just published a book of some of her photographic art entitled Constant Impermanencefeaturing film that had been exposed to rainy weather. The damage gives the subjects of the photographs a new and different elegance. Indeed, nothing remains the same for long—particularly in today’s world—and what does is constantly changing from real into unreal. 

Looking at my sister’s art through that lens of impermanence produces memories and new ideas galore. 

Let’s stipulate that all the Christmas traditions –religious and other—are about one thing –and one thing ONLY. 

That thing is Humanity –all the humans on Mother Earth—bound together around a single simple idea: giving. 

We Came Together—We Stay Together! 

Some like it hot; some like it cold. 

I like it in a MUG!!!! 


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