How Can We Tell?

Consider this sentence:

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

What does that mean or tell you?

It contains some very important information that we all use all the time and it contains the key to solving the puzzle described by the title of this piece.

I will, for now, leave it to you to figure out, and ask you to send me your thoughts on what the sentence means.

The puzzle I’m suggesting you solve might help us all deal with today’s astounding and – as we’ve just seen in the U.S. Capitol – dangerous inability to sort out fact from fiction.

If we cannot do that, we may all fall down the rabbit hole alongside the folks who are trying to manipulate the real world into their fictional world.

I will give you a full read out of people’s ideas about the answer – absent names and with a promise not to embarrass anyone –in two weeks and explain what I have learned and how we can ALL put it to work to save our REAL world!


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