Trump Who?

How Did He Slip Through the Cracks?

Trump didn’t slip through.

Hillary delivered him to us with one word.

She declared that because only deplorables liked him, he was a deplorable.

While she was right, she was also plain STUPID!

When running for votes one NEVER wants to head on antagonize voters against YOUSELF.

So now 4 looooo…ng years and TWO impeachments later, it is over.

It would be nice if we could find something positive we learned from those wasted four years.  The big lessons – democracy is fragile, the country is dangerously divided – point to a challenging future.

Historians are already reminding us that a lot of folks (including me) warned that Trump was well known In New York City for being narcissistic and a congenital liar. At the time, though, it seemed harmless – more amusing than alarming — and it failed to pick up steam.

I recently suggested a ‘bonkermeter’ of some sort to warn us off making similar collective mistakes again. The problem is that that device has yet to be invented. Therefore, we all pussyfoot around the ‘indelicate’ topic of whether someone is in fact crazy. And, as the insurrectionists, white supremacists, Q-Anon cultists and ordinary people waving Trump flags and voting in (almost) record numbers attest, one man’s crazy is another man’s cunning.  

Now that the clock has run out and we have all run out of steam, there is only one word: GOODRIDDANCE.

And please do not tell me Hillary could have been worse. Nothing trumps crazy, corrupt and contemptible.


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