A New Dawn

An old way.

A new dawn suggests more than just another day.

Indeed, we can expect the sun to rise every day –if only a bit later than the day before.

A ‘new dawn’ is the beginning of something– NEW-BETTER-PROMISING!

As the jet fumes from Air Force One taking Trump to Florida for the last time waft over us, we will begin to breathe cleaner, freer air for the first time in four years.

Air that is free of constant lies and wild promises.

The new dawn brings a new day and days when WE –the people –are the point of it all, not ME, EL PRESIDENTE.

Biden, sadly, cannot reunite us with a phrase.

But he can and will produce chains of new days dedicated to finding the will of the people, beating the pandemic, improving health care for all, restarting the economy and restoring our world leadership.

If talk – honest or not—could get things done, Trump perhaps could have been an even worse disaster. But all talk and no competence creates only illusions of things – such as who wins an election or who benefits from tariffs and trade barriers.

So, our new dawn is the beginning AGAIN of a truly professional political leader who will deal with facts, truth, and reality to make our world work once again.

The biggest challenge Biden faces is rebuilding REALITY. Until the third of the country that still believes Trump won the election comes to their senses and realizes that was THE BIG LIE it will be very difficult to truly REUNITE all our people.

It cannot be done overnight but with skillful continuous information and leadership can be whittled back to a normal level.

Then the human linkages which are the core of our freedom and democracy will begin to recover as well.

So, the new dawn is not by itself a magical change that wipes away the last four years, but it is the beginning of a healthy process of renewing all of our 350,000,000 lives!!


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