How Does It Taste?

Is it Healthy?

If it tastes good and isn’t bad for you, why not?

That’s what we are seeing today in our financial markets.

It may not be real; it may not make sense; but relax and enjoy it.

Still, keep your head screwed on tight and do not lose your grasp on reality.

If you begin to believe in the reality of something —GameStop’s long-term prospects, for example – that is when you begin to get into dangerous territory, where you either stay too long or get in too deep.

Those are broad general thoughts.

They are applicable to today’s financial markets AND to today’s political world.

In normal times financial markets peak when the future speaks loudly and clearly that all ahead is going smoothly and well. Today most people are very uncertain about what lies ahead and what the economic world will look like when and IF COVID is licked. 

In normal times when a crazy impeachable President is being tried for attempting to overthrow a clean election, people naturally wonder what is happening to the foundations of Democracy.

But these are NOT normal times!

Today for some, so far inexplicable reasons, the moorings of reasoning are dragging their anchors out of the mud and are beginning to cut loose at random with all of the facts and beliefs colliding in heretofore unseen ways.

How and when we rediscover the settled ways of a normal world is the UNKNOWN.

It will happen.

When it does things surely will fall back in line.

What that means about financial markets, political discourse and human reality until that day comes is hard to foresee.

In the meanwhile, do not get too excited or enamored of things that taste good but may be poisonous – to your health, your finances, or your country!


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